Health and Skincare

Are you ready to show of your legs in the summer dresses?

or is the cellulite stopping you?

Før og efter fra dermatest(12 weeks)

Short blog about it.

Have the wrinkles start to show, more than you would like?

Billede7 (28 days)

This doctor only put it on one site of his face to show the difference.

Do you have any issues with loose skin?

Billede9Billede10 (28 days)

Billede1          10947279_10152508599561184_5750647239188011945_n (28 days)

Our skin is the biggest organ we have, and therefor also really really important that we take good care of it.

Our skin cells absorb everything we put on it, so think about what it is that you put on it, because it will also have influence on your cells inside the body.

Totally new science have now proven how our cells work and will do the work themself, but from the age of 12, our body starts a slowly process of producing less and less molecules that actually helps our body to function, not only inside, but also on the outside. That is why we get wrinkles, acne, blemished skin, loose skin, dark spots. And our healing process is also starting to go slower. That is why a young child heal almost from day to day, and as we age it takes longer and longer time for the body to recover, and scares tent to stay and not vanish.


More blogs and info will come soon.

Meanwhile for more information go here and for science info, click here.