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Learn These 3 Essential Skills to Skyrocket Your Team's Growth


  • How to get prospects to say 'yes' 90% of the time.
  • A simple way to ensure your prospects show up once they have agreed to 'take a look'.
  • How to train your team members to love dialing the phone and talking to their prospects.

True Professionals love Mark's Training

Professional Networker

Mark's training has been fabulous. It is easy, straight to the point and does work. I have used all of the skills that Mark has taught and have had success using the skills and my team is duplicating the skills with ease. Wahoooooo!

Vicki Lawson

Pastor, $100,000 per month earner

I have been a successful, 7 figure a year earner in 3 different network marketing companies and have yet to see a trainer or teacher of Mark's caliber. As a pastor AND a networker it's very crucial to me that the person I choose to train myself and my team must be of the highest integrity and quality. Mark fits the bill for me. I know... my people will eventually stop listening to me and I must have someone who can give them the skills they need to grow a successful networking business.

Scott Reese

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Mark may be called the 'World's Laziest Networker' but you'll never find a networker that's more effective AND efficient. He knows exactly what to do and what to say. More importantly, the way he teaches truly duplicates. (

Author and Lecturer

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