Be careful! Do you know what you want? – week 14

Be careful ! do you know what you want? do you know what you are telling the universe that you want.

Most of us are use to plan out vacations, and some few of us, plan out our lives, at least when we were younger and planning which educations to take and so ford.. but from there on life just starts to happen for most of us..

We don’t even think about what we think about, or maybe we do, but not how we think about it. We plan our day, our week but from our head not our heart. Most of us have forgotten to go for our passion, because we need to survive in the daily race, earning money etc.

So when we get told that you should focus on what you want and you can attract it, it will still be from our head. This is what I want, or would be nice to have or do. BUT…!!! Do we really want it deep inside our heart?

I have now several times in this MasterKey Experience class, experienced this.. I have found out what I really wanted, but not being REALLY REALLY REALLY specific about it, so I get it but in a bit different way than expected. Some of it because I didn’t put details, and others because I forgot to listen to my heart, which always speaks loudest (even though we tend not to listen, the universe does).

What I mean by that is that sometimes we really don’t know what we want (in our head) but if you truly listen to your heart it knows.. but you might be scared to listen, because what will the dream then be, or what will the consequences then be.

I have learned how to attract money when I get unexpected bills, but want to learn to attract the money without having to spend them right away 🙂

Don’t know if you remember, but when we had the week where we should put up 3D things to help us get our dreams.. I put up a lot of hearts.. smiling.. and when I was asked why I answered “because I want more love in my life”. I just did say from where or from whom.. so again something unexpected happened, and then again no.. because again my heart did speak, and this time I listened.. but that was not what I thought I was saying.. but a lot of things started to feel better and get into the right shapes in my DMP.. really interesting.

So listen to your heart – do the sit – and let it happen.

underskrift by Charlotte R 2


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