The Franklin Makeover – week 15

The Franklin Makeover

This is the weeks I just love.. and I have been waiting for..

Actually pretty stupid, knowing that they will come why not just go do it anyway.. but I think it is so worked into us humans, that most people will wait until they are told..

I just didn’t see myself that way.. so… hmm.. have to be the observer on that one too..

Doing the exercise is always fun, and like last year, when I look at the word the next day, it’s just.. “WHAT?” “Seriously” is that what I feel I need the most.. but I don’t change it I just live with my choice and see what comes out of it..

Last year I had this experience every week.. I have the word and focus on finding it in myself and in others, and that is okay.. but I struggle to see it in myself, most of the times.. but then the week after it is like I have turn the light switch, because then it is just so clear that it is in me, or I act like it is the strongest force I have.. So I’m really eager to see if it will be the same this year ๐Ÿ™‚

My list is for sure not the same, even though it is the same words.. so something has happened ๐Ÿ™‚

I will keep you posted on how my makeover is turning out..

This week self-control

underskrift by Charlotte R 2

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