Week 21 – It is time for pure love and no more killing!

It is time for pure love and no more killing!

It needs pure love! Not killing. That is why I can’t kill my best friend!

For people who follow me, you know that I had a mission to kill my old best friend (http://goo.gl/fSczCb) But nothing was working.. she kept coming back stronger and stronger each time.. so it’s time for a new way.

When we try to get rid of something it holds on, or come back, because it is negative. On the MKMMA we right from the start had to think positive every day.. we are not allowed to come with opinions and no negative thoughts at all.. so killing someone, even though it is the old blueprint, and because I want to change it seems as if it is negative, is not fitting in with these tools.. and hey that is why it doesn’t work..

I need to embrace my old blue print, because 1) this is what have gotten me to where I am today.. maybe I now what something else, but 10 years ago I might not have wanted what I want today. 2) if it wasn’t for my old blueprint how could I then know that I wanted something else, and that I am changing..

I know that we are talking about that the old blueprint is fighting back, to stay with us.. but it is only out of pure love.. it loves its home.. it has been created by us, and it has shaped us into us! It has only done what it has been told to do.. so you can’t blame it! Yes we have put in words from other, that has shaped us too.. but only because we have allowed it, and allowed the words and the experiences good and bad to be a part of our blue print.. so the only one to blame is you!

So is that good news or bad news?

I think a lot of people will see it as bad news, because now we don’t have anyone to blame.. it is so much easier to blame others.. and I’m not saying that there is non to blame, and that every bad thing happening in your life when you were a child is your own fault.. because then I think you will kill me 🙂

So how will I do this.. how will I not only accept that the old blueprint is as it is, and a part of my past, but actually start loving it.. Loving me for who I already are.. loving my past for preparing me for what is yet to come.. hmm.. I feel joy towards my new assignment.. 🙂

And as Og writes ‘I look on all things with love and I’m born again’. I had that from scroll II, and I still have it with me on every month scroll, and now I know why.. I needed to get this.. it is not only about the outer things.. NO! I need to love ALL THINGS 🙂 And everything starts with me!

Pure Love

Pure Love

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nice 🙂
curious to witness the next episode 🙂

lorelei sunshine

Aloha Charlotte DeeVine Pure LOVE is all we need…look forward to hearing more too 🙂 Mahalo’s for sharing…


I believe that a good idea Charlotte is to let her die – not kill her. She’ll become weaker and quieter as you ignore her and eventually she’s die. Best of luck!

Marilyn Holloway

Pure love and gratitude for all that has brought you to this point — from which you can now move with ease onto the next part of the journey, no struggle! Great post, thank you.

Dave Bernstrom

I Love your insight! Great post with soothing thoughts about the old blueprint 🙂

    Charlotte R

    thank you 🙂
    And I already have changed since I wrote it.. so it actually already feels different.


beautiful how we keep evolving for the better! Great stuff!

Chiara Capello

Very interesting and helpful. Thank you!


so HEY you MADE it to featured bloggggg!!! 🙂 🙂
so happy for you dear MasterMindPartner! 🙂

Chiara Capello

Thank you. Interesting and helpful.

Trish Abeloff

Wonderful … And another great post, Charlotte! 🙂

Alan Goldberg

Thanks for a very interesting view of our old blueprint. I think we should embrace it and at the same time try to accept our new blueprint to bring us the changes we want to make in our lives

Richard Barton

Hallelujah, featured blogger.
Great post. I enjoyed your take on love. It reinforces something my pastor said. Even though he was a drug dealer and addict previously, he doesn’t regret that because it brought him to where he is now. Truly, what the world needs now is love, pure love.

    Charlotte R

    Yeah I didn’t expect to be featured 🙂
    Yes we have different experiences that sculpt us into who we are today..

Connie McCracken

great work! Keep on posting


Hi Charlotte – morphing into the new you! Congratulations on embarking on your hero’s journey. I’ll be back to follow your progress…

    Charlotte R

    I didn’t really see it that way, so thank you so much for seeing what I don’t 🙂


Thought provoking – I can imagine that with an idea of killing an old friend major push back would occur in my life too. Best to you on your continued journey – may your future you get strong and stronger daily and love is indeed a key. 🙂

    Charlotte R

    Yeah sure it was the wrong approach.. but I wanted a new blueprint..
    And already now.. it feels different.. If I wrote it now it would be different.. so nice to see that there is progress..


I whole-heatedly agree with your points 1 & 2. The past helps define who we are, but is a friendly reminder not to repeat past mistakes. But especially #2…who we were does put us on the path to future growth. Many choose not to embark on such journeys and challenges. Life is great because we do choose (to grow)!

    Charlotte R

    Thank you..
    yes it is our choice weather we choose to grow or not.. but it is not easy..

Shelley Logelin

Awesome post! Recognition and acceptance of who we have been is so important for us to be able to let go and move on to our authentic self and discover our unique gifts.

Anne Chambers

Hi Charlotte. This is a fascinating blog, following your thought process and change from wanting to Kill the old blueprint to embracing it. Enjoy the ongoing process, it is cool that you all ready feel that you have progressed even further along the journey. Thank you for sharing.

    Charlotte R

    Thank you for reminding me.. because I tend to forget to see my own progress, but I see it so clearly in others..
    So thank you for reminding me to look closer and be the observer again on my own live..

Mark E Cotter

I like this so much. Don’t fight it, but rather embrace myself.

    Charlotte R

    yes love you for you!
    Love the journey that you have already been taken.. and made you the person you are today.. there is NOTHING wrong with that you..
    Now you just want more, so you do something else to achieve that..

    If you eat an ice cream and you want more, you have to go back to get one, if you want a different taste that is what you order.. so now we just order in the catalog of the universe a different life..

Charity Manigault

Congrats Charlotte on another awesome post!!! 🙂

    Charlotte R

    Thank you.. glad if people like them..
    Because I never think of the readers.. this is my progress and my way of thinking and observing what is going on inside me..
    So thank you for reading it.


Such profound insights, Charlotte, and so much fun to hear your voice on the webbie! 🙂

I agree that we need to love our old blueprint, because it has made us who we are, AND also brought us to the realization that we need to change! It is hard, though, for me, because now that we have been exposed to these wonderful months of the MKE, I see the positives and the negatives – but moreso the negatives – of that old blueprint. And this is why your blog is sooooooo profound, because in loving our past selves and our past blueprint, there is love of self and past to be had, and thus love of future self and our new blueprint. Thank you!

    Charlotte R

    Glad that it maybe helped you on your journey further on..
    Because yes this is hard work.. for sure and I do understand that people stop.

    One thing that you might should try to do.. now you say that you see more the negative than the positive.. it is so that you will always find what you are looking for.. so if you constantly look for, what is wrong with my life and from there you can figure out what not to do, or want, you will still get what you don’t want.
    Look and only remember the good stuff in you life.. as Og says in Scroll 5 ‘yesterday is buried forever and I think of it no more’,
    You can’t change the past, so accept it as it is.. you were not wiser back then and you did some mistakes.. but you can change what you do today 🙂

    Thank you for telling me.. so I also reminded myself of this..

Ken Petersen

Would The Law of Growth work for you here, Charlotte? Just a suggestion – let the old blueprint fade away by not thinking about it. Great post and interesting dilemma.

    Charlotte R

    Thanks for making me aware of that option.. yes I do think that it would be what I need to do..
    I’m already doing it with having focus on my DMP and all that.. but it is in the situations where the old Blueprint is talking that I need at tool. 🙂

Robert Rea

I am glad before the webby I came and read your post. Had a chance to digest the whole of Ideas you have here. First we all are battling this before or now. I impressed that you are so aware and keeping at it. Thank You for that. The dilemma will be settled soon with you. Enjoy the process. Everyone is moving on this just different speeds yet all on the same path. We are ONE.

    Charlotte R

    Yes we are all doing maybe only the best we can, and trying to do our best.
    But I was feeling that I was way behind and nothing was happening on my journey, or not fast enough..
    But it will come.. I know that.. and I do understand why people quit.. because this is not easy.. so you really have to want it..

Cathy Hallihan

We love all parts of ourselves and keep working for the better. I like the way Davene put it that she will get weaker and die on her own.

    Charlotte R

    And learn to love the mistakes too.. because that is also was is creating who we are (at the moment)

Leanne Overlander

Great insight in your post. Thank you for sharing.

Bob Watkins

Charlotte, What a great post. I’m finding way to go back to our earlier readings as well to help ease my old blueprint into the afterlife. I also added one more card into my 3x per day stack with the key phrase from each of Og’s scrolls (and a colored shape) with the intent to ensure that subby (as he gets laid to rest) does not forget the love and that every day I begin and new life!

Thanks for sharing.

    Charlotte R

    funny you bring the Og scrolls up, because I have right from the start added every month every small sentence I chose with me.. so by now there is not so much space.. some of it I have before the month scroll and some of it after.. and it is funny how it fits..
    Yes subby needs all the help it can get, so it can help us 🙂

    Deanna Bordelon

    Ooooo, I love this idea!! Thank you Bob!


Well said, Charlotte. When we truly understand that everything we created, whether consciously or unconsciously, was there to assist in the process of awakening to our true nature, it leaves even self blame and judgement in the past. Cheers to the integration of your old blue print.

Danny Linkert

Beautiful Charlotte!
As my fav band wrote: “Al You Need Is Love”

Bob Bishop

Interesting how you identify. My surprise was the control lazy comfort, habit, Old Blue, had on my current circumstances. Don’t have to “kill”, just change habits, and the old will wither away.

    Charlotte R

    That is true..
    I just wanted the old to go away in the beginning that this was what I felt.. already now it again feels different..
    Thank you so much for you way of putting it, that actually helped too..

Ron Arthurs

Fantastic and deep, a message that reminds me that I have done a lot of work and old BP loves me but because of that love is silently cheering me on to my new subby BP.
Thank you

Christopher Stier

It’s all good news Charlotte. Your posts (Week 17 included in this one), was awesome to read. I had not thought of my old Blueprint in this way. As you said, your old blueprint fought hard to make you the person you are and will continue to do what it was formed to do; thus your idea of transformation is so cool. I will use this understanding to help myself and know that I am not alone in this struggle. Thank your your insight and more for your masterminding. 🙂

    Charlotte R

    Thank you so much.. and I’m glad that you can use my struggling and a way of looking at all these things for something good in your journey.
    And yes it is nice to know that you are not alone, and that it is normal to have these struggles..
    Keep on pushing through, and we will become someone even more amazing! 🙂

Deanna Bordelon

onwards and upwards! Beautiful and insightful post about allowing your true self, which is love, to shine forth brilliantly. All parts of you are still parts of the whole. Embracing all of my experiences and using life as a tool for growth changed everything. I love my unique self and all of my perfect imperfections while embracing what is. Thanks for sharing!

    Charlotte R

    Thank you for reading it 🙂
    And I believe as you say that it will change us a lot if we just embrace the facts and move on from there..

Eleanor Norton

You have got this! Loving yourself both the old and the new for the things they both contribute

Cynthia DiLoreto

Very interesting…………..

Jerry Bronner

Charlotte, you came up with an unique was to kill you old blueprint; Love It To Death! A very creative way of looking at a problem and using Scroll II to solve the problem. I wonder how many places that we could use your plan. Great idea and blog.

    Charlotte R

    Thank you Jerry..
    thanks for the interpretation 🙂
    Yeah it might work on other things too.. even though I don’t know if it is really working yet 🙂
    Take care.

Sara Sorensen

Wonderful post Charlotte. We have to love all of ourselves the bad is not so bad! :0) Cheers to our old selves, new selves, and everyone in between!

    Charlotte R

    Yeah if we can’t why should others..
    And we might look deeper in the mirror when we read ‘the gal in the glass..’
    Thanks 🙂

Tobie Steyn

Wow Charlotte you found it. Congratulations on your discovery and thank you for sharing it with us. Be the miracle.

    Charlotte R

    Thanks Tobie..
    Yes I more and more every day understand that just by being the miracle that I am.. the world will be a better place 🙂

Liane Hack

Thanks Charlotte, this is just what I needed to read now.

    Charlotte R

    You are so welcome..
    And funny sometimes how things just fit at the right time..
    Hope you are doing great.. <3

Shirley Quevedo

Constantly focusing on the new blueprint will diminish the old. Just keep replacing the old thoughts with the new, and your old best friend will quietly vanish.


You’ve got it right…Kill it with Love…thanks for sharing…I believe blog reading is one of my favorite required assignments.


Great insights and wonderful discoveries. Love is the key I believe to everything and without love there would be nothing. Keep loving your old self because like you said it’s your old self that got you here today however love your new authentic self more as your new self will inspire you today and in the future. I hope this makes sense to you.
Love and gratitude to all X

    Charlotte R

    thanks.. yes the focus should of course be on now and my future self 🙂
    Because what I think about will grow.. 🙂
    So thank you for reminding me..
    Love back at you <3

Robert Gardner

Great way to look at the old self.Thanks for sharing Charlotte…!


Wonderful post Charlotte! I love how you’ve accepted the fact that you should embrace your old blueprint for it has gotten you to this point and that you should be grateful for it. Letting it go and seeing where your new blueprint takes you will be quite the adventure. Thank you for sharing!

    Charlotte R

    You are so welcome..
    yeah I really believe we have to first learn to accept where we are, to be able to go elsewhere.. like with a GPS, without knowing where you start it is really difficult for the GPS to guide you, even though it has the destination.
    Have a great journey too..

Marj Bernstrom

I didn’t get a chance to see this earlier, I went right from the webinar into my silence week. I love your insights on loving yourself “to death” of the old you! I was laughing , thinking of you with your silence, and your mother in law. I hope that went well for all of you! If nothing else, she will see new strength in you. Bravo!


When you wish upon a star,
make believe that star is you;
For that’s what you really are,
and why your wish is coming true!

I’m not sure how well that encapsulates your post, Charlotte, but the “star” part does a decent job of characterizing you!


yes. self love is the start. absolutely! great blog! Thank you for the reminder

Terrence G Neraasen

Charlotte I agree leaving an old friend that has served us well for a long time is difficult, even scary. Change is scary but is necessary for growth. I look upon the new me as building something better on a solid foundation, but leaving behind the design elements that don’t work very well with the new reality. Nice job!

    Charlotte R

    Thank you Terrence.. I will definitely have that in mind.
    Like that with building on a solid foundation, that also tells me that my old friend did okay for now.. 🙂


Hi there, just want to say hi from a remote country called China. I very much like your blog and now reads it quite regularly.. please do keep up!now on the office politics thing, I think both you and Jeremy made valid points and in the end it’s what we put as priority in our life that counts. I was in the States for 6 years up until last year and came back to my home country to work. It turned out that politics is an inlainettronal thing and I am yet to sort out my own strategy in this arena.

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