Kindness week – week 16

I just have to start with a big laughter..

I’m laughing at myself, because now I have done it again..

But okay this I can work with, this is my way of learning how to get things done, and not just think, oh this doesn’t work for me..

Now you are thinking, what the heck is she talking about LOL

I’m talking about last weeks blog, (read it) and me sitting this week and thinking, ‘oh my, I didn’t do a very good job, because I didn’t get self-control, and maybe I didn’t look enough at others to force it out of me’.

I have really been thinking about, why did I choose that word as the first.. where is it that I feel I need more self-control??? I have/had no clue. At least not on what I was thinking that Sunday.

But like last year, where I focused on it and then got it the next week.. boy I just have to laugh, because a few seconds before writing this blog I really saw how last week and actually the beginning of this week, I have really lost my self-control in so many ways..

Of course that was not the plan, and the way the focus should work or?

Yeah maybe that was exactly what I needed to see that my self-control is completely out of balance at the moment.. and I can now see it in most of my daily activities.. shoot..

But good that I now know, because no I can change that, and stop me from sliding further away from ME!

underskrift by Charlotte R 2


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Hey Charlotte, I love how you can laugh at it and see the upside, you inspire me. Actually my discipline week went pretty much the same! Always looking forward to read your posts <3

    Charlotte R

    But it is nice to be forced to focus and then be aware, because then we can change..
    Yeah sorry for keeping you with out blogs.. had issues with my site and the old one..
    But I’m back πŸ™‚

Kevin S

Very Funny Charlotte! My word last week was “Self Control” also. I didn’t think I did a very good job at it but this “Kindness” week I’m all over “Self Control”!

    Charlotte R

    I doesn’t matter whether we do good or bad, but the part of being aware..
    and then focus on it from there..
    Let’s just do better everyday πŸ™‚


I really enjoyed reading your post! It made me feel that we are all going through similar experiences and journeys to be the best we can be. Thanks for sharing and seeing the humor in it all!

    Charlotte R

    Yeah it is amazing how things change more or less the same weeks for the members following this journey..
    Where ever in the world, and what ever challenges or lifestyle we have..
    simply AMAZING..
    and you have to be able to look at the other site of the bad, there will always be something shiny waiting to make you happy πŸ™‚


Yeah, first thing is to be aware of stuff that you want to change.. then start moving… one step at the time… it is not difficult… Og knows πŸ˜€ right?

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