Love seeing the changes in others week 9+

As you see I have changed my page, and it is not done yet, but got to start somewhere.. and that is why I didn’t blog last week, I couldn’t figure out to get back in… LOL.

But that is just how things sometime is.. new challenges new adventures..

I have really loved reading the MKMMA members blogs this week 9, and I see so many similarities, not only in my tribe, but all over the line. People are starting to get it and seeing what all this work is doing to them and their lives.. this is really fascinating.. and I feel so privileged to be a part of it as a guide.

I’m still working on all the layers on my own life, and can be a challenge as much as everybody else, but I know what needs to be done, and having the extra dimension as a guide just gives me extra energy. How amazing is it to get the opportunity to be a part of another persons transformation and helping them work towards their biggest dream.. AMAZING!

I read my own blog from last year, and I totally agree on everything in there.. so please go and read that one.. MASTERMINDING it might get you to take the masterminding serious.. this can really change a lot for you, and move you faster towards your dream/DMP!

Promise more insight end of the week.

Enjoy your week.

underskrift by Charlotte R 2

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Dominica Eyckmans

oh yes, a great connection started back then, grew into a beautiful friendship, even if ‘only’ on-line. Very fruitful, helpful and heartfelt. Thank you so much for showing up in my life back then. xxx

Christian Scott

Thank you for being a guide and giving of yourself in that way. Blessings!

    Charlotte R

    I gives me a lot, and I love it..
    Would love for everyone to be able to do this..
    What a World we could live in 🙂

Tonie Konig

loved masterminding with the tribe today, the new perspectives it brings and the reassurance of someone understanding what you are going through is priceless

    Charlotte R

    Yeah it is important to be in contact with like minded people, who knows what this is, and how it feels..
    Thanks Tonie

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