Week 9 – Masterminding

I have wanted to have someone to mastermind with for a long time, but where to find someone who wants to be there for me like that, and so often, and not just tell me what they think I want to hear.

I just love this MKMMA, for everything I have been wanting, and waiting for, (or quite a lot of it), is a part of this. So now I also have one that I’m masterminding with, and I don’t believe in coincidences, and actually she doesn’t either. I didn’t know anything about her when we linked up, but we have so much in common, that is it almost scary, but I really look forward to get to know her over the next weeks, and see what will come out of this new friendship.

About no coincidences, just think there is a reason for the person to be in my life, why??? Maybe to help, maybe to teach me something, maybe she/he needs you. So when you pick a masterpartner, don’t pick someone you know, what will you gain from that? You know how they are, you know what they will say more or less when you ask, so there is nothing new in that, and you will not develop. Look at the blog role, and pick a name, write to them and see if they want to connect. You might look for someone with the same time zone that makes things so much easier. I didn’t, but it ended up that way anyway. Trust the universe! There is always a reason for this person to inters you life, maybe only for a very short period of time, or maybe for life.

Also look on the people already in your life, that is exactly the same. If you have people in your life that is annoying you, frustrating you, stop and think WHY? Why are they a part of your life? is it time to let them go? or is there something that you need to learn from this person. Maybe not that they are going to teach you like face to face, but more the situations that you end up in regarding this person. Maybe you need to learn to handle these type of people, learn to say no, or learn to appreciate others situations.. the reasons can be many, but there is one.

Mastermind after each Sunday call, is optional, but it shouldn’t be, that is my opinion. If I should in few words tell anyone what I learned on this last call, it would be from the masterminding at the end. Not that I didn’t get the whole call, and not because that was the last thing, so that is why it is fresh in my memory. No because here is the questions and frustrations, that I have been feeling, thinking of, and it almost feels like I’m asking the questions, at least I get my questions answered. And you figure out that ‘hey I’m not alone on this journey, I’m not the only one having these thoughts etc.’ And you get help you get answers to why this is. How amazing is that.!!!

Love where this is going. πŸ™‚

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Jan Russ

You are really getting this Charlotte. Keep it up,

    Charlottes Masterkey

    Thank you Jan Russ.. it is not easy but necessary πŸ™‚
    I want to live a better life in a better world, and it all starts with me πŸ™‚

Cyndy James

Charlotte Awesome post, didn’t think to use the blog roll that way but I like how you think.


I also need to find someone to mastermind with. Thanks for your blog. Yes they answered my question and others at the end of the call. My negative ppl are my boys. It’s very hard to deal with on a day to day when they are so destructive to themselves. I love them for them and hoping for healthy changes for me and them. Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving.

Charlottes Masterkey

It is not easy to be a mom..
I’m sure that when we as moms get all these tools and use them everyday, we will give some of it by just being to the people around us. But sadly we can’t change for them, they have to do the Work themselves..
Happy Thanksgiving to you too..
If you don’t find anyone to mastermind with let me know.. it is just easier if we are on the same timezone.


    I need someone to mastermind with too! Where are you at? I’m EST.

      Charlottes Masterkey

      Sorry I have been busy.. hope you have found someone to mastermind with or?
      I go to your page and I can’t see the 2015, where is your resent blogs?
      I’m new to this blogging, so ..

      The blog I read was about a friend having PTSD, do you also have that? or did I read that wrong?
      My husband has PTSD


Loved the honesty of your blog. Well done, I can see you are doing the work. Very proud of you. Keep it going my friend. keep on keeping on.
Jason H.


You are on a great journey, I love reading about your progress!

Charlottes Masterkey

Yes for sure this is a great journey… think I should put on my service Card that the Progress should go faster πŸ™‚


Love what you shared this week Charlotte

Charlottes Masterkey

Thank you πŸ™‚


I admire your persistency and commitment to changing your life! You’re getting it, Charlotte. So inspiring!

Charlottes Masterkey

I can either struggle with the things I don’t want, or work hard (struggle) with getting the changes and getting the life that I do want..
Either way the time is passing, and hey it’s my life..
I wish I would have know about this when I was 20, but then again I was not ready to change..

When you are ready the teacher will show!
And bam this came in my inbox


niiiiiice πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


one more fantastic post Charlotte… as you mentioned I have connected with one fabulous lady who lives in Belgium, and we are doing the MKA together, cant wait to share some good experiences !!! I feel your words are more in peace, I assume that you are doing great now !!! hang in there my dear friend.


You nailed this, Charlotte! I absolutely love my master mind partner. We connected on the blog process, now having phone calls, and really becoming friends. It is WAY cool.

Charlottes Masterkey

Yes sometimes it doesn’t have to be that much.. but it truly makes a difference..
Let’s go change the world, starting with our world within.. πŸ™‚
Love your journey!


Great post charlotte, everything’s coming together….

Ellen L

Great suggestion about the blog roll! And good points about the people already in your life – I will have to think about some of mine.

Trish Abeloff


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