What is the universe trying to say? – week 10+


I didn’t blog last week.

First I keep postponing it, and didn’t really know what I should put in last weeks blog.. and then..

Then I was in a car accident.. I’m okay, but my car is not..

That stopped a lot in me, and also opened up for other things..

I am a bit curious, because what is it that I need to learn from this? Why did I attract that into my life? and why now? It is for sure not in my DMP πŸ™‚ or???

I have been in a bicycle accident 8Β½ years ago, where I needed to be stopped in where I was going, and now I’m really thankful for that shift.. but not when I was lying there bleeding from my head. And I remember seeing ‘The Secret’ where they say that it is your own fault that you have these accidents and I got really upset.. but today I know why..

But not this accident.. I haven’t really figured that one out.. and maybe I have.

Having Liberty as one of my PPN’s and not having it, can sometimes be a challenge, and instead of focusing on abundance I still get trapped on feeling lack.. and I had been doing that for a couple of weeks before the accident.. somehow it always sorts itself out.. and I have learned in this process, actually early on last year to attract money when I need them, but sadly I need to have the bill first.. so that is no fun..

So maybe the accident and paying for the insurance and that, was the universe’ way to tell me, worry all you want, and I will keep you busy worrying and giving you bills to show you that you will figure it out, and you will find the money for the bills..


So now next step must be to attract it without being in lack first πŸ™‚

underskrift by Charlotte R 2


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Kevin Schaedler

Charlotte – yes, I was wondering where you were last week. Hope you are well! You will figure out the purpose of the accident in time. Be courageous and strong and continue to “persist until you succeed”.

Cherylan Hils

Sometimes I think the Universe gives us accidents to slow us down…..like, so we can plan more closely the details we need to implement.

Has this accident given you more holiday time that you needed perhaps? Hope so. πŸ™‚

Theresa Newell

Your post seemed to turn on the light switch for me. Liberty is also one of my PPNs. I have been very concerned that I have seen little or no evidence that I am moving into more abundance. Your post has caused me to evaluate my thoughts. Am I so focused on getting ‘more’ that I am missing the boat? Perhaps I should, and I will focus more on what I have rather than what’s missing. Thanks for the wakekup call.

    Charlotte R

    Hi Theresa!
    Yeah I really truly think that we are looking the wrong places.. and then stopping what needs to come to us..
    Let’s work better and get our dreams πŸ™‚

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