My Press Release

My press release

Interview by Eric Worre August 15th 2021

Where: on my sailboat in Aalborg Harbor

So what makes us sit here on this amazing sunny summer day, on your birthday drinking champagne, seeing your family enjoying life on your boat?

Charlotte and her family has just resent set their feet back on shore and in their home country, after being away for 1 year, traveling the world. Charlotte tells why this always has been her dream.

“For me life is traveling, seeing new places, getting to know cultures, people and getting adventures and experiences that you can’t learn from a book. I dreamt for a long time of having the opportunity to travel for a whole year, together with my family, without having to think of anything else that just enjoying life, giving this adventure to my children, and give, build and help on your journey where we could”.

But it needs planning and it needs money. If it only were me and my husband traveling, there could have been less planning, but with children you have to know where you are going to sleep at least before they get to tired, that was also why traveling by boat was an amazing option. But for that to happen I had, or me and my husband toke sailor education, so that we could travel the world. But our journey started by car, or motorhome down through Europe, and all the way to China. Again we had the beds with us, so we could just sleep and take breaks when the children needed to. We then flew to Australia, where we travelled around and bought this sailboat, so that we could continue our journey.

Regarding the money, when I was younger I would just travel and earn as I went along, you can’t do that with children, but more importantly I or we was not there to work. We did work, and we did work a lot, but that was to help others get their house build, or a bridge done, help them teach a couple of classes, help in the garden etc. not to earn money.. we did it to help out, to give what we could, and teach our children the great feeling and fulfillment it gives by helping other. For you never know you might need someone’s help one day.

But this whole trip would never have been possible if it wasn’t for our network marketing business ‘Your’ and our amazing team SHINE. I’m really amazed by the work they do every day, and I really feel grateful and happy that I have found this way of working, where I not only can travel like I wish to, but also can help others achieve what they desire. Therefore we did also visit our teams all around the world, and did some workshops, and helped them build their teams. This is an amazing opportunity, so even though we were traveling and enjoying life, our job is not a job, it is fun and it is about sharing and helping people to achieve their dreams, so why shouldn’t I do this when people needed my help.

Being able to travel the world for 1 year, without having to think about our finances, and just traveling, helping and having fun together as a family, can’t be described in words. ‘So close your eyes’ Charlotte tells me to do, ‘imagine like today, the sun warms your body, you hear birds singing, everything is calm. You don’t think of anything, you are just relaxed, feeling happy and very excited, actually now when you feel the breeze touching you cheek, you get the feeling of being a 5 year old child waiting for the presents on Christmas morning. You have seen this big box in the garage, and you just hope and wish one last time that it is that bike you so burningly desire. Then you turn and you are the parent to that 5 year old boy who just can’t wait, and you can see in his eyes the excitement that is almost exploding inside him. Then you see in the same eyes when he opens the big present and sees the bike of his dreams. That feeling, of the little child and the parent seeing his kid being so happy, that is almost how happy I have been at the very first day we started planning this trip, and yeah I still am. I know I have given me and my family something extraordinary, an adventure with experiences for a life time. But it won’t be our last trip like this that is for sure.

I did also go to the companies convention, and of course I did speak at your insanity boot camp this year, which was amazing to be a part of. What an energy you are almost given wings just being present in the room, with all these amazing people.

This brings us back to why are we sitting on my boat in Aalborg. I spoke at your training the first time August 17th 2017, oh 4 years ago. Where I actually told you about my dream of this trip. And after a couple of more trainings together, I made my dream into a plan, and told you about that. You were very excited, and I said at the insanity Boot camp 2021 that you should come to Denmark and meet me when I got back, and we could do something together in Denmark.

I know we talked a little about it, but how was this 1 year world trip even possible. A lot of people have successful businesses, but does not travel like that.? It really comes down to what you want out of life. I really want to show my children the world, teach them that they can reach whatever dream they have. So it all started with a dream, a desire to do something I really didn’t believe I ever could do, mostly because of the finances. Together with me knowing that I always have wanted to help people, I just had to start where I could reach people, and hurray for the internet and technology I could right from the start actually work worldwide.

One of passions in helping, is to get women to shine more. To go for their dreams, and not only when they are young, or when they are old and their children have left home, no when we are already have our plate full. As a mom !!! We women have to do everything, in the house, in the garden, taking care of the children, having a career, cooking etc. I know a lot of men also do a lot in the homes, that is not what I’m saying. The point is that when a man has a career, he can travel, he can go to meetings when ever and for several days. Because the women takes care of everything. But if it’s the women who want to do that, she needs to find someone who can babysit, or wait until they are old enough to take care of themselves. That is not fair, so I changed that! I’m helping moms do this business together with having small children, and it is so much fun!

This I was recognized for in my company ASEA, at our global convention on May 12th 2016. And I never forget this event. 10.000 people in one room, the energy was so amazing, people from all over the world, happy, excited and just amazing. I’m there for my very first time, and I’m together with my team of 50 people, 20 of them moms with their children. I’m so proved! I’m so trilled, so happy that every time I look at my team members, my heart gets warm and I almost cry. This is so big for me to feel this success. And the part of being a part of this event not only as a guest, but actually being one of the speakers, is SO AMAZING. Not just being one they call on in a lineup because you have reached a new rank, no as a speaker in the program. I remember like it was yesterday, the seconds before my name was called on, to get on stage. The music was pumped, my heart was beating, I’m over excited but not nervous at all, just proved to be a game changer, and making it possible for us moms to be a part of these event, without feeling that it is a burden for others, or a big sacrifice where we have to leave our children, no we could still be with our children if needed. I’m wearing the most amazing red short dress and my brand new Diamond – bling bling shoes. As always my shoes are my trademark. Getting up on stage overlooking 10.000 people is amazing, but yeah you know that feeling Eric 🙂 But the best part was looking into my team members eyes and seeing that they were as proved as I was. And getting the standing ovation coming on stage but even more leaving stage. WOW, this feeling was so fantastic, that I almost could cry as we sit here and speak.

Charlotte, I know that you are doing other things than just travel, and work your business.

Yeah that is right, as I already have mentioned, I love to help and I love to give and share. And the funny part now thinking about it, it has always been a part of me, but somehow I forgot about how good it feels giving, because of society and you need to pay your bills. But then luckily I got reminded about that ‘Give more – Get more’ so back opening up for all my love for helping. Actually I did it a bit before this awareness, but that was just out of love, now I’m aware of what I want to give, and therefore can give even more. So I have started a foundation, with 1/3 of the money that I earn, where I provide help to families, so that they can have more time being a family, especially in difficult periods of their lives. I proved cleaning ladies, handy man, au pair, gardener etc. for 50 families in Denmark every year. This really is so amazing and fulfilling to be able to do this. This idea all started because I really needed someone to help me out 6 years ago, and I just wanted to make sure that others in similar situations shouldn’t go through what we as a family did. So if I’m in charge of the money for helping then I could give to all those who has nowhere to turn, or where they are not sick or not stressed enough to get help elsewhere.

I also have other projects where I help out, and there will be more to come.

My life has just been an amazing journey. It hasn’t been a straight line. But it has all been worth it. Now when I know what my purpose in life are, and I’m living in the flow of my dreams.

Now we just arrived home, and we slowly have to find our daily routine again. Our children has to attend school again, and I have to start working again, talking to our big team all over the world, follow up on all the new contacts that we got on our journey etc. My ‘Captain Mom’ is airing again, now with traveling tips also. So yes a lot to do in the future. And as I mentioned earlier, this was not our last family world trip, so after putting pictures in albums, and recapping on the journey, the next one will start its planning.